Efficiency is Comfort

By focusing on reducing energy consumption we simultaneously improve comfort, therefore higher efficiency is more comfort. An air leak reduction of 30%-50% can be striking.

As an example, on average air leakage of a typical Westchester home ranges from 3000CFM50 to 8000CFM50 (Cubic Feet per minute at 50 Pascal pressure differential). That is the equivalent of having 10 windows open by 1” -3” all year long. You can imagine the difference it makes once we succeed in closing five of those “windows”. Now suddenly your energy bill has been reduced and comfort has improved dramatically without even starting to insulate your home.

Once we add a thick layer of cellulose insulation in your attic we can reduce your energy usage by as much as 25%-40% and your house feels much more comfortable. These improvements are felt all year long. You will notice that your heating or cooling systems doesn’t run as often. In the summer you house remains much cool longer and less humid. In the winter the interior of your home remains warm and comfortable.

As a bonus you will notice a reduction in sound. Cellulose has excellent noise absorbing characteristics. The cellulose completely fills cavities leaving few air pockets for sound to travel . An advantage of cellulose over fiberglass lies is its ability to reduce noise more effectively as it is is three times denser than fiberglass, which enables it to absorb the sound traveling through walls and ceilings.