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  • David, Tarrytown says:

    We recently purchased a home in the rivertowns area (Westchester, NY). We called BK Solutions because our winter utility bill was very high and our upstairs master bedroom was so cold we had to sleep in our guestroom. Bernhard performed a comprehensive energy assessment (no cost, no pressure) and identified several areas where either our home wasn’t insulated, or the insulation was insufficient. He worked with us to create an insulation plan for our house, and sequenced the project so we could start work on a solution that met our priorities and budget. We recently completed the first phase and we can already feel a difference. (We are hoping these changes will also be reflected in our next utility bill.) While Bernhard was in our home he was very respectful and made sure he left the house in the same condition he found it. If you have any questions just ask – Bernhard is happy to share his knowledge gained over many years in the industry. We are happy to recommend BK Solutions without reservation!

  • Peter Serenyi says:

    Bernhard did an excellent job insulating a part of our basement to protect our dishwasher from freezing from below. He also came up with an additional solution: re-routing some of the heat from a nearby duct to provide our dishwasher with heat from below. We had this idea checked out by few other experts and they confirmed it was a smart thing to do. Bernhard is very meticulous, sending us very detailed price estimates, and, once the work was done, giving us ideas for other things we could consider having done in the future. Overall, excellent job!

  • Regan B says:

    Bernhard is very professional and tidy with his work. Most of all he is extremely knowledgeable. He made an area of our home much better insulated and improved our efficiency. Would highly recommend.

  • Cathy, Ardsley says:

    Bernhard did a GREAT job for us in January 2018. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and honest. We had a drafty, freezing bedroom since moving into this home 17 years ago! We had been told that nothing could be done in that part of the attic. We recently were told that was not true. Bernhard came and explained what could be done and showed us that the four skylights in other rooms had no insulation and contributed to the drafts and cold in those rooms. In one day, his work changed the temperature in our bedroom that we know our heating bills will be less. We can highly recommend his work. I wish we had found him years ago!

  • Greg A says:

    We had such a great experience with Bernhard and BK solutions. My son’s room was very drafty and cold and Bernhard came and showed me where his room needed insulation. He also looked through the rest of our house to recommend areas that we could improve our insulation and overall energy efficiency. We chose to just work on my son’s room. Prior to Bernhard coming my son had to use a space heater during the winter months because it would get so cold. Bernhard came for two days to insulate the room; he was on time, clean and overall extremely great to work with. We immediately noticed the difference and we no longer need the space heater. Bernhard made sure that there are no marks on the walls and the room looks and feels great. Thanks so much!

  • ben schulte says:

    Bernhard was a real professional; he was responsive and on-time, did a great job walking me through what the options were, and the final work was amazing. He cleaned up his mess and even let my daughter play with his head lamp. I am actively promoting him to my friends and will work with him on another project in a few months.

  • Jeremy and Maria says:

    Very thorough and detail-oriented proposal, extremely neat and careful workmanship, excellent results. Would highly recommend!

  • Carrie Julian says:

    This is the second home that Bernhard has worked on for me. The first involved insulating a condo that was so drafty we couldn’t be in the first floor during the winter. After he sealed off all the drafts and put the insulation in the place, it was quiet, comfortable, and my energy bills dropped by about 30-40%. The last project was this Spring. He insulated our house attic, sealed up the drafts and installed a new air conditioning unit. It was a big job, lots of drafts in this house. The house is very comfortable and I’ve already noticed at least a 20% decrease in my energy use. He is very knowledgeable, meticulous, honest and someone you would trust to have in your home. He was able to decrease the passive air escaping by significantly more that we had hoped. I would highly recommend Bernhard for insulation or A/C needs.

  • Liz says:

    Bernhard has done 2 insulation jobs at our 1930s house, one in the attic and the other above our garage. His work is excellent and we recommend him highly. He is always professional and a pleasure to deal with and leaves the job site at least as clean as he found it.

  • Benjamin Burger says:

    Bernhard renovated and insulated the attic in our 90 year old home. The assessment and estimate he provided was thorough and very detailed, while the work itself was meticulous and well done. Its clear he takes pride in his work. Additionally, despite working long hours in a cramped attic Bernhard made sure that he left our home clean and dust-free. Bernhard is professional, detailed-oriented and extremely friendly. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to make their home more comfortable and energy efficient.

  • Steve in Yonkers says:

    I contacted Bernhard to discuss a possible home energy audit. In our communication, it became clear that an audit was unlikely to be fruitful for my situation. Nevertheless, Bernhard was generous in providing, at no cost to me, advice and recommendations on steps I could take to address my immediate problems. I am implementing his suggestions using a resource he recommended, and I am grateful for his knowledgable assistance.

  • Sue and Doug says:

    Bernhard was a pleasure to work with. He is professional, knowledgeable, and explains things clearly. Bernhard is also very responsive to e-mails. My wife and I live in an old house from the 1920s that had no insulation in the walls. Bernhard and his team insulated the walls and the attic and it has made a positive difference. We are very pleased with the work that he did.

  • Harry Pomeranz says:

    Bernhard is a true professional and a gentleman. We called him because we had some walls that were clearly not insulated. He came to our house and evaluated the rooms, explaining what could be done. It was very easy to schedule an appointment with him and he came promptly. I was impressed by his thoroughness and his desire to provide an easy and satisfying experience for us. He plugged the walls as promised and he left the area clean.
    I could immediately feel the difference in the temperature in the rooms. It was an unusually pleasant experience to work with him and I highly recommend him. I am willing to discuss this further, so please feel free to ask Bernhard for my contact information.

  • Brian Kirkbride says:

    Bernhard has done a fantastic job for us on two occasions, once before the winter of 2015 and again now, before the winter of 2016. Last year, he insulated our attic and the walls of the bedrooms of our two young children. This year, he completed the upper floor walls and the walls of the main floor. The moment the work was done we could feel the improvement in temperature and absence of drafts; and by the end of last winter, in our heating bills.

    Our house, built in 1925, posed some serious challenges, all of which Bernhard met with great ingenuity and expertise. He is conscientious, prompt, and courteous. We haven’t undertaken any renovations or improvements that have been so valuable. I can’t recommend him highly enough. I’m happy to go into further detail, so please feel free to ask Bernhard for my contact information.

  • Terry, New Rochelle says:

    Bernhard did an outstanding job on our home energy audit and insulation. He is a friendly, informative and committed professional who clearly explained the costs and benefits of all energy improvements to ensure that we would get the maximum return on our investment. Communications were excellent at all stages of the project. His work was meticulous and he delivered exactly what was promised, on time and within budget. The benefits for our family were dramatic and immediately apparent — our large and previously drafty century-old house is now snug and cozy in cold weather and naturally cooler on hot days. I would highly recommend Bernhard to anyone interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home.

  • Katie and Joe Sansone says:

    We couldn’t be happier with the service we received from Bernhard. From the initial contact, he quickly returned my email, set up a time the next week for our energy audit and helped every step of the way with the sometimes confusing and tedious paperwork for this project. He made great suggestions and referred us to a company that did a very professional installation of our AC/heat units – which has made my summer pregnancy bearable. In addition, he insulated our attic and did a few other projects and extras that have helped improve our energy consumption and quality of life overall. Can’t recommend him more for the professional, high-quality work!

  • Greg says:

    I cannot say enough positive things about Bernhard and the work that he completed at my house. His commitment and dedication to his craft is something that is not easy to come across in this day and age. He took pride in making my house as energy efficient as possible with his European craftsmanship. Not only did he excel at all parts of the job we hired him to do, but he did it promptly and cleanly. I highly recommend BK Solutions for all insulation and air sealing needs!!

  • Frank Silverstein says:

    Bernard is a person who clearly knows a great deal about insulation. He also has a great deal of understanding about people. And he is a very straight shooter. He is also extremely conscientious. He is obsessively neat and careful and to be sure, he left our house cleaner than it was before he came. He has great patience to explain his suggestions, to listen to our concerns and managed to find solutions that met them both. He noticed some problems with the electrical wiring in our house and went out of his way to alert us and explain.

    He came to work on our house during the summer when it was very hot and I’ve waited until the weather cooled to write my review because I wanted to be sure that the insulation actually improved things. In fact the house was already noticeably cooler during the hot summer months and now, remains warmer as the weather outside is starting to get cold. We have pets in the house and he very careful to make sure they didn’t escape while he was working, he did extra work to make our attic accessible and nicer looking than it was before he filled it with insulation. He was willing to explain all his measurements and procedures and in short I would hire him again in a heartbeat. And based on his work for us he has ended up also working for two of our neighbors and they both are very happy with what he’s done for them as well.

  • Jordana says:

    Bernard came to my house to discuss insulation. He was on time, he was polite and very honest. He pointed out that water damage on the outside of my house and even though he gave me an estimate, he also said that I should have that checked out first because he did not want to do insulation if water could get in. Well he was right, we hired an engineer and we need to do some work first. But I am SO glad we called him. He is so honest, and definitely not just trying to make a sale. You could tell he wanted the job to be done right. We will absolutely have BK Solutions do our insulation once we are ready!! Thanks Bernard!!!

  • Bruce, Hastings-on-Hudson says:

    It was a great pleasure working with Bernhard. He performed a comprehensive energy audit, then air-sealed our attic and installed cellulose insulation. His work is high quality, he is a good communicator, and everything was clearly explained with options along the way. What’s more, Bernhard made several suggestions of actions/work we should consider (outside of his own scope of services) that will improve the safety, efficiency, comfort and utility of our home. I highly recommend Bernhard for anyone looking for these services. You can trust that he will do a great job!

  • Yahaira M Volquez Colombo says:

    Thank you very much Bernhard for all your hardwork. Despite weather conditions you were always up to your best to make things work and giving your best advise on improving our house efficiency. Im very happy with your work and cant wait to see how comfortable my office is going to be now after all the insulation work. We will keep you posted on that.

  • Jennifer from White Plains, NY says:

    Bernard came to our home to perform an energy assessment and I was very happy with the experience. He was pleasant to work with and very respectful of our home. He was prompt, professional and courteous. He did a thorough job, explaining everything in a way that was easy for a lay person to understand. He gave helpful advice for all of the issues he found, from small things that were easy to fix to larger issues that needed greater attention. Most importantly, Bernard found a serious and potentially dangerous issue within one of our heating units that the heating and cooling company (who had recently serviced the units) had missed. Something within the unit was broken, creating dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide. We had to shut the unit down immediately, it should never have been in use. Without him we would never have known the problem existed. I am grateful that Bernard came to our home and did such a good job, and we are in the process of making the changes that he suggested. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to assess their home.

  • Mondana Rezania, home owner and an architect says:

    Bernhard Keoing performed energy audit in my two story colonial house and he made recommendations which has made huge difference in the quality of my home life. He installed batt insulation on all the boiler steam pipes in the cellar and installed blown cellulose insulation in attic and walls of my kitchen. The heat that was keeping my unfinished cellar warm, now it is keeping my upper floors warm. My kitchen was the coldest room in the house; now it is the warmest. He was on time, kept his schedule, came to work prepared and fully equipped, patiently answered my many questions, respected my concerns and wishes, kept work area clean and tidy and lastly quality of his work is superb.
    I pad myself on the back to have selected him out of the long roster of contractors listed on NYSERDA’s web site.
    It was my pleasure to know Bernhard and to work with. And I thank him.

  • Rose says:

    Thanks for the great job. I don’t think my AC ever worked this well since it was installed and we really need it this summer. Hoping that this winter’s heating efficiency and bill will have similar improved effectiveness. Thanks for the quick, clean and successful work you did for us. You have an unbelievably positive and pleasant attitude throughout the job which is so nice to be around, especially in light of the brutal heat the week you were here. Also appreciate you catching other improvements that were needed once you were up in the attic and saw how the last contractor left things unfinished! From the audit, through paperwork and loan process and finished job, you were on top of every detail. I’ve already shared information about this great improvement to my home and recommended that friends and co-workers contact you for the job!

  • Donna Lee Ubertalli says:

    I’m thrilled with the work that Bernard did on my house! The house was very drafty and the oil bills were enormous even though I kept the heat down to 60! Bernhard was very knowledgable about all aspects of tightening the house including alternative energy options. His suggested solution was thorough and effective. He is very detailed oriented and was always willing to answer my (many) questions. Throughout the project, he kept in very close touch. He managed my expectations about the construction timing and impact to my house during that time (dust, noise, etc.) The impact was very low. Once the work was complete, I noticed a difference right away! My house is now very comfortable and although I still keep the thermostat low, the quality of the air temperature is cozy. I’ve even noticed a big difference in the frequency of my oil bill. Without hesitation, I recommend giving Bernhard an opportunity to consult on your energy efficiency project. I think you will be pleased that you did!

  • Debbie, Irvington says:

    Bernhard helped us tremendously. He spent more than 3 hours performing an extremely thorough and educational energy audit that he was able to perform free of charge after guiding us through the process of filling out all the appropriate paper work that was submitted to the state. After completing the audit he provided us with 4 different options at different price points to improve the energy efficiency of our home. He also helped us secure a 20% rebate on the insulation and air sealing that he performed. We are thrilled with the results. Our home has gone from extremely drafty and frigid to more comfortable than I could have imagined. I only wish we had done this years ago! It was a pleasure to work with Bernhard. He is extremely knowledgeable, reliable, friendly and efficient. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.

  • Joe, Tarrytown says:

    My family and I are extremely happy with the work Bernhard has done at our home. He has done energy audits, air-sealing, installed insulation in our attic, and, most recently, blown cellulose insulation into the walls of our house. The overall result is a house that is far cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and much more energy efficient (and environmentally friendly). Throughout our work with him, Bernhard has been a true pleasure to work with. He’s the epitome of professionalism: he does what he says he’s going to do, patiently and carefully explains his work, and responds to all questions in a very capable–but never condescending–manner. We recommend BK Solutions without hesitation and enthusiastically!

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