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How does a perfect fiberglass insulation job look like?

How does a perfect fiberglass insulation job look like?

Most homes in Tarrytown, NY or in my work area Westchester county are insulated with fiberglass.

It’s worth knowing a bit more about fiberglass. The main reason why we use fiberglass residential construction are it’s simplicity and the low cost. Performance numbers “on paper” are great. In reality you may get… Continue reading

Why do pipes freeze?

The main reason that pipes freeze is that they are in the wrong location.

Either an architect specified a pipe to run inside an exterior wall, or the trades didn’t follow specifications.

It is not entirely impossible to run water lines inside of an exterior wall, but it is risky.

There are too many factors to keep in mind, such… Continue reading

How to read on-line reviews?

Every once in awhile, I read reviews on other companies or products and have noticed some strange patterns.

I wonder if these are real customers or a fake reviewer.

A fake reviewer often uses general terms to describe a service or a product. No details or particular events. Review could apply to any product or company.

A fake reviewer will… Continue reading

Poem to Insulation

Insulation in your home is like a simple flower in your garden.


Year after year it sits there.


It’s waiting there quietly, unnoticed between many other plants.


Nobody really cares about it. One day it will vanish due a drought, age or being trampled on by a careless human/animal.


Like a simple flower, insulation’s function is… Continue reading