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Should you insulate your home before selling it?

Some home owners are reluctant to improve comfort and energy issues, because they plan to sell their home in a few years. Unfortunately they still think homes can be sold “as is” as long as the kitchen and bathrooms have been renovated. In the past only after one or two cold winters would the buyer realize the lack of comfort.… Continue reading

Eco Friendly Crawlspace Insulation

Dense packed cellulose is one of the best insulation products on the market. It is made of recycled newspaper, these wood fibers are called cellulose. It is a plant based fiber like cotton. The R value is a true R-3.2 per inch.

Cellulose allows much better insulation and comfort values.

Cellulose is pumped with pressurized air into closed cavities. The… Continue reading

Garage Ceiling Insulation

Garage Ceilings are great candidates for insulation upgrades. Often they represent 8″-12″ deep cavities ready be insulated. The occupants living above the cold garage appreciate the change in comfort.

As a home owner you must wonder how do we add insulation into a garage ceiling? Do we remove the gypsum boards? Does it create a big mess? Is it flammable?… Continue reading

Fall Maintenance for Your Ductless Mini Split

The arrival of fall and cooler temperatures means it is time to switch from cooling to heating. To maintain optimal comfort, drive energy efficiency through the heating months, and protect your investment and schedule professional fall maintenance for your ductless mini split system.

What does a professional mini split maintenance visit typically include? Ductless mini splits heat pump and A/C… Continue reading