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Quality of Work and Pricing

When home owners select a contractor they should ask for real references and talk to previous home owners. Too often I encounter home owners blinded by fake on-line reviews and beautiful websites. Cheaper price doesn’t mean best deal. Remember you buy a real “custom made” product. At the very end of the process its the person installing “it” who makes… Continue reading

Paradox of Attic Ventilation

Often during my work in Westchester county, I find attic fans running during the summer.

Does it reduce heat inside the house? Is it keeping insulation well vented and dry?

Both ideas are an illusion.

During the summer mostly radiation energy is heating up an attic. Pulling air out of the attic will not stop the radiation heating up the… Continue reading

Insulation and Water / Moisture Issues

Often customers ask me about potential moisture problems with insulation.

Cellulose insulation made from wood fibers and is naturally hygroscopic, responding much differently to moisture than other insulation materials, like fiberglass, rock-wool or foam. During the heating and cooling season moisture levels fluctuate, hygroscopic materials will slowly take on or release moisture. Just imagine a 10 feet long piece of… Continue reading

Air conditioning – Climate Change Connection?

The New York Times published recently a great climate change quiz.

Air conditioning cooling gases (freon, R-22) help to cool a house, but increase overall global temperatures by destroying the ozone layer. The answer was the Montreal Protocol, the landmark 1987 pact designed to close the hole in the ozone layer by banning ozone-depleting coolants called chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs (R-22)… Continue reading