BK Solutions LLC

BK Solutions LLC was founded in 2005 and is a participant in the ENERGY STAR® / NYSERDA and Con Edison Program. We focus on energy savings for private homes in Westchester County. We are certified by BPI as Envelope Professional, Building Analyst and Air Conditioning, Heat-pump and Heating Professional. We have NATE certification for air conditioning.

Our BPI accreditation binds us to higher standards than most non-accredited companies. Every three years we must pass rigorous exams and earn credits to maintain our accreditation. Those standards assure long term quality work and prevent design flaws, potential health and safety hazards. Participation in the quality assurance program is mandatory for all participating companies in the ENERGY STAR® / NYSERDA Program.

As a Con Edison  Participating Contractor, we are able to offer you Con-Edison rebates related to your air conditioning system upgrade, or heat-pump system.

Our business goal is to focus on quality not quantity. We take our time to properly analyze your home. It is critical that as your accredited contractor, we devote on the analysis of home as well as implement solutions;  Including air conditioning, air heat-pump systems, air sealing and insulation.

Air sealing and insulation work is comparable to a professional paint job. You must prepare the surface prior to painting. Air sealing is time consuming and tedious work and attention to detail makes the difference. Some contractors will skip that step and just insulate (paint) over existing surfaces. Once finished it may look nice, but the insulation or the paint deteriorates much faster. Keep in mind new installed insulation will remain in place for 30-40 years. Poorly prepared (air sealed) surfaces will under-perform for 30-40 years.

Air conditioning is a bit like building a custom car with prefabricated parts on site. Proper planning, measuring and calculation before the work starts is key. You would be surprised how many AC systems are over sized and will never reach projected comfort level.

Since we have been member of ENERGY STAR®  program, we have consistently maintained the highest possible rating because we prefer quality, not quantity.

Bernhard Koenig, Owner